Dear Parents,
This week we will be learning about:
1) The letter Jj, the J sound
2) Sight words – jump & just
3) Blending words
4) Higher Numbers - Numbers to 31
5) Community Workers

Monday night-- Have your child complete the letter Jj handwriting page. Remind your child to also draw a picture on the back of the page that starts with J. Work on your community helper outfit for Friday. Parents, tell your child all about the job you do.
Tuesday night—Help your child read the poem in the purple poetry notebook. Have your child circle and count all of the Jj’s in the poem. Work on your community helper outfit for Friday.
Wednesday night— Have your child do the math page on counting higher numbers. Work on your community helper outfit for Friday.
Thursday night—Have your child find something around the house that begins with the J sound for his/her bag. Also have your child practice his/her sight words for sight word bee tomorrow. Work on your community helper outfit for tomorrow.

In your child’s folder today you will find information and a permission slip for our next field to the Insectarium. Please send in your child’s permission slip and money by this Friday (2/23) if he/she will attend the trip.

Since we are learning about community workers this week, this Friday, (2/23) we would like for your child to come dressed as what they want to be when they grow up. Please discuss different jobs with your child to guide him/her into a career they might want to pursue one day. Keep in mind the children would not be a princess or Spiderman in real life. You can work on the outfit a little each night this week. Be creative; it does not have to be a store bought costume. On Friday, the students will stand before the class and tell us about the profession they are dressed as. Please practice this with your child. Also, please let us know if you can visit our classroom one day this week to talk to the students about your profession.

Remember, Jubilee tickets are still available. If you would like to purchase a ticket, the price is now $60. Don’t forget, if you donate an item valued at $20 to our Jubilee class basket by this Friday (2/23) your child will receive a dress-down pass.

Have a great week!!!!!!!
The Pre-K Teachers